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EGP company was established in 1999 as a company involved in the designing, consulting and manufacturing which provides an extensive range of Flexible joint such as Metal expansion joint, Metal flexible hose, Rubber Expansion Joint, Rubber hose, Composite Hose, Textile Fabrics Expansion Joint and related products. Our company employed many experienced Engineers with different proficiency from various work field and knowledgeable employees; its main plant has been located in Tehran/Abbas abad Industrial Zone. Erteash Gostar Peyman Company is one of the most well-known flexible joint manufacturers through up Iran. This Company has been awarded ISO 9001 Approval of quality management system and LBH License Partner for providing Textile Fabrics in Middle East.
It is great pleasure and privilege for us to have this opportunity to supply many industries such as petrochemical/petroleum industries, power plants, offshore and pressure vessels installation, Cement industries, steel complexes and many others. Our products are pretty suitable for solution of Piping/Ducting problems therefore their qualities are result of innovative researches, developments, Engineering Experiences and technological achievements. The quality assurance system in EGP is permanently optimized and guarantees the compliance of customer quality expected.
The quality departments of our products deal with quality planning, quality management and documentation within the scope of the execution of orders and department is independent of the production department.
It has the competence of giving orders to all employees in charge of tasks which have an influence on quality. Supervision department is responsible to inspect and maintain of productions and correct execution of the production procedures according to provision of the production documents provided. Whether in design and materials, engineering or manufacturing, advanced technology is the EGP way.
EGP has a policy of innovation, customer satisfaction and high quality products with low operating costs. Our attribute has been inspired from respect to customer demands.
Whenever pipes and ducts are subject to expansion caused by frequent changes in temperature or pressure, when vibrations or movements occur in piping/ducting systems, when fluids are to be conveyed without leakage caused by pressure and high load must be sustained or vacuum is present, flexible joints are required.
These components include:
  • Metal expansion joint
  • Metal flexible hose
  • Rubber Expansion Joint
  • Rubber hose
  • Composite Hose
  • Textile Fabrics Expansion Joint

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