Composite Hose

composite-hose-iran Composite Hose

Composite Hose

Whatever your clients need or want, you can rely on high quality quick service. As a Gutteling representative concerning with supply of composite hoses for hydrocarbons, chemicals, ship to shore etc., wich have invested years of expertise in the development of the right plant and the right products. You name it, we make it.

The range of products includes more than 200 different types of composite hoses -from 1" to 12" in lenght up to 30 meters according to the size and type.

In addition to these standard items, we shall be pleased to demonstrate our skill in developing and manufacturing - in close cooperation with you - any special type of composite hoses and other types of flexible joints Made to measure ... in 'no time'. Independent of any specific brand of plastics, wires, fittings and other materials.