Rubber Expansion Joints

rubber-expansion-joints-iran Rubber Expansion Joints

Rubber Expansion Joints

Rubber Expansion Joints

Size: from 1 1/4" to 70"
Material : NBR, EPDM, NEOPRENE, VTION,... Single or Multiple Arc
Configurations: Fixed and Floating Flanges

Rubber/Elastomeric Expansion joint
EGP would able to produce Rubber Expansion joint suitable for Oil products, water services, ventilation and many other applications from 1 ½” up to 80” diameter.
Rubber Expansion Joints are made from an elastomeric material, which is laminated with one or more reinforcement layers and then vulcanized to form a solid, integral component.

The inner tube normally is a natural rubber, synthetic rubber, or blend of synthetic rubber. The woven cloth or tire cord may be nylon, polyester, fiberglass, or aramid and the reinforcing fabric shall be impregnated with a compatible friction stock. Additional reinforcement to the fabric may be provided in the body of the expansion joint and may be solid metal rings or wire imbedded in the synthetic rubber.

Test Methods
Unless otherwise specified by customer, hydrostatic test is considered. Each joint shall be filled with water before the application of pressure, allowing all air in the joint to escape. Pressure is applied at a uniform rate up to the test pressure. The joint shall show no sign of leakage at the test pressure. Once the test pressure has been reached (the order or specification pressure but not more than 1.5 times the pressure of the expansion joint), the test should begin and run for 10 minutes minimum.

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